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Forget raining frogs and cats and dogs.
In our house- we’ve got snot!


I knew it would happen someday but I was hoping that someday was far, far in the future.
Both of our kiddos have the change-of-season-cold. And, lucky for us, they each have a different set of symptoms.

Bubba has the stuck-in-his-head, sounds-like-a-peanuts-character stuffy cold. It’s just starting to transition to the grossness that is a toddler cold- awesome. We are really fortunate that regardless of how he’s usually feeling he’s got a great disposition. He’s still asking to play and dance and build ‘big towers’ but he’s also telling us he wants a nap and asking for us to sit and read books to him. That’s how you know he isn’t feeling awesome. He rarely sits when he’s at 100%.

On the other hand, Little Bear sounds like she’s underwater. Poor girl is gurgling and drippy in addition to her usually pre-teething-drooly-self. Everything is wet. Plus side- she gets to wear all of her really cute clothes. Everything has a silver lining, right?

20161109_181943Enter the NeliMed Naspira. Yes, you’ve heard of that off-the-wall contraption that sucks the yuck out of baby noses because they can’t blow them yet- this is one of those.
Okay- it’s kind of an odd thought but when your kiddo is gagging on their own yuck you’ll do anything to find them some relief. This was a new tool for us. I was graciously offered it to try this product in return for my honest review but who knows when I thought I’d get a chance to use it. Bingo- now’s the time!

20161109_182139If I’m being honest, I actually pulled it out last week after Little Bear had a particularly messy encounter with some carrots. I think she quite literally inhaled them and we needed to get them out of her nose. Ahh motherhood.

I was a bit wary, do I really want to put this thing in my mouth and essentially suck the carrot from my daughter’s nose? Worth a try…
To my immediate surprise, it worked and she didn’t cry. She always cries when we mess with her nose. Also, it comes with disposable filters to keep the yuck from getting to you and if you’re really not into the suction part, it also doubles as a bulb aspirator. Much more user-friendly than the one you get at the hospital. OH- and you can wash it out, sanitize, let it dry- all the great things we germ-fearing-moms love.
Fast forward about 5 days. We’re in snotmageddon. Times are desperate and patience is thin. I broke out the Naspira once again and tada- she was able to breathe well enough to go to sleep! I mentioned that Bubba was stuffy too, we were able to clean it and try it on him and again, ta da snot-be-gone!
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually see light on the other side of the sick-kids tunnel. It’s really disheartening when your kiddos aren’t feeling well and you feel like you have nothing to help them. Now, at least I know I have a tool (in addition to our EOs) to help provide some relief.

Wish us luck- send tissues and patience.

Be Great,

9 thoughts on “Snotpocalypse

  1. Aw, the poor little ones! I know I’m high maintenance on my own when I’m sick, I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like taking care of the littles when they’re ill. All my best!

  2. Being a mom of 2 I can understand what you must go through as taking care of the little ones when they are sick is really a big thing that needs lot of patience. My kids go through a lot of cold related issues during winter and stuffy nose is something that could irritate them so much anytime. The NeliMed Naspira sounds like a great solution for a much needed quick relief and I hope things are getting better for you!

  3. I am not a mom but I’ve witnessed my aunts + cousins use their mouth on numerous occasions to remove objects from their babies’ noses. It’s quite tedious. I think the product does it’s job if you’re able to get it out of their noise without them crying. That’s a big win.

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