Sounds of the Season

A Crackling fire, ours is electric.
Snow Falling, nope, not yet.
Holiday songs, only- always!

We’ve actually moved away from watching tv almost entirely nowadays.
We’re in all-music-all-the-time mode, currently.
Prior to holiday time, we were into 90’s pop and Billy Joel radio- oh the memories.
Bubba doesn’t remember any of the Christmas tunes from last year as he was too young but now is a different story. Little Bear loves any type of music. Especially if Bubba is dancing and jumping around.
Side note: we have a nifty doodad on our tree that turns the lights on and off- he’s an ornament named “Mr. Christmas” and when you say “Hello Mr. Christmas” he either turns on the tree lights or plays carols and flashes the lights with the song. I anticipate having a love-hate relationship with Mr. Christmas come mid-December.
Back to the music, some of our favorites are “The Christmas Song” by the Chipmunks, anything by Elvis and  “Feliz Navidad.”
As a kid, we had a neighbor who thought the words to Feliz Navidad was “Release Mommy Duck.” Sing the song to yourself really quick. I’m sure you can see how this could happen. Not too far of a stretch but definitely not something I would have picked up on.

Well, low and behold, Feliz Navidad came on the playlist and Bubba started shaking his groove-thing. He’s got moves like… well like something I’ve never seen before. He was trying to sing along. I’ll let you decipher what he said:


Yup- there it is. Mommy Duck.
I can’t wait to see what he comes up with as he sings with us more.
His go-to songs that are not holiday themed are currently “Kinkel Kinkle” Twinkle Twinkle, “Da Bunny Song” Little Bunny Foo Foo, and Happy Birthday, which he sings to everyone, especially Little Bear, regardless of their actual birthdate. 

What is your favorite song currently?

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