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20161001_172911Recently I shared our celebration for Hubs’ birthday.
What I could not share was my gift for Hubs.
Don’t worry, it’s G-rated. 
We had a date night!
As in, a legitimate, no kids, out of the house, Date Night! Thanks Oma & Daddo!
What Hubs wanted for his birthday was to go and see the movie, Sully. He loves airplanes, flying and general aviation stuff so this was perfection.
We went to our local Alamo theater because that meant dinner and a movie! Bonus. I’m rocking this wife thing. Hubs hadn’t been to the Alamo Theater yet so it was, again, perfect.
I’m also, never going to a movie on a weekend again. It was a Monday night and we were two out of five people in the theater, thank-you-very-much.
The movie was stellar. I mean, stellar. I think I’ve told everyone, and now you, that you NEED to see it. I’ve always enjoyed Tom Hanks films but this one, directed by Clint Eastwood I think, is done very well.
The bigger picture here is that we needed the time together.
No phones, no kids, just Hubs and I.
As silly as it sounds I also enjoyed the car ride. We were able to listen to our music and have an uninterrupted conversation. It’s the little things, people. It was almost like a brief recharge that was a long time coming. So long in fact that we had not been out of the house together, without kids since before Little Bear was born. Yikes.
I’ve read countless articles, blogs, and stories about how important it is for Mommy & Daddy to ensure that they spend time together and continue to court one another.
So important. Without that time it’s honestly hard to get a word in, much less a conversation, without interruption. 20161001_172903

Speaking of courting, Hubs brought flowers home from the store today, just because.
He loves me, he loves me not,

He Loves Me.

Be Great,

10 thoughts on “Spark & Fire

  1. Pleased you enjoyed the night out and the movie.

    I had the opportunity to meet Sully a few years ago when he addressed the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) conference in California.

    A bit of trivia: HFES presented Sully with its O. Keith Hansen Outreach Award. I received the same award a few years before he did.


  2. What a sweet husband <3 Brownie points for being so thoughtful!
    I don't have kiddos but my husband is in medical school and, man, those nights we have together – completely connected and away from everything else – is so unbelievably special <3

  3. Aaaahhhh, isn’t it lovely to be out with your husband, child-free? LOL! Whenever my husband and I have a date night without our kids, it’s so weird not to have to buckle anyone up in a car seat!

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