I am a self-proclaimed-steering-wheel-superstar.
I mean, in the car, I sound just like Adele.
Today, a man happened to walk by the car while I was stopped at a red-light, jamming out to Meghan Trainor’s Me Too. My current jam.
Poor kids. Good thing they’re not old enough to be embarrassed by my sweet moves, yet.
Did I stop, mid-dance, when I saw him?
Nope. Sure didn’t.
I got the “you-do-you” nod. Well then yes, sir. I will.
As such, I make up songs while we are doing things around the house. Usually when I’m trying to redirect Bubba.

Our newest creation is a play on an older song. I believe its Ottawan – Hands up Give me your heart. Never heard of them? Me neither, Thanks Google. I just know the song from when I was really young. Like pre-1995. Our neighborhood used to have yearly block-parties. As in there was a theme, the kids practiced for weeks to do a dance routine for the parents, families tie-dyed shirts and I’m sure there were lots of mommy/daddy drinks but I have no idea. I’m guessing. One year in particular, some of the moms got up and did karaoke. This was one of the songs and I remember seeing my mom up there belting it out with the rest of them. We all laughed. What I was most struck by and what sticks with me today is how it was so fun and free and warm. Exactly what a childhood should be. Exactly what my childhood was.

Back to today, I’m the one belting it out.
I started singing to Bubba one day while we were getting him dressed.
Let’s be honest, I’d do just about any song and dance to keep his flailing appendages still enough to not cause undue bodily harm.
“Hands Up, Bubba, Hands Up,
Give me your shirt, Gimmie Gimmie your shirt.
Gimmie, Gimmie, All of your shirt, all of your shiiiiirt.”

And then we put PJs on. I never thought he was really listening.
Until today.
I got him out of bed to get dressed and he goes:
“Hands up Mommy!”
-‘Yup buddy. Hands up. Let’s get your clothes changed.’
“No Mommy, song! Hands Up, Bubba, Hands Up, Gimmie Gimmie.”
He has been listening the whole time.
He sang/shouted the whole thing with a giant smile on his face and a wiggle in his hips. Then collapsed into a pile of giggles because he couldn’t finish the song. So we sang it together.

Just goes to show that they’re always watching and listening.
Glad that’s what he picked up and not some of my more colorful kid-phrases.

Be Great,


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