Sugar Rush

Bubba has had several ‘firsts’ this holiday season already.

This one comes in the form of pure sugar.
Bubba, Nona, and Papa made a gingerbread house!

Nona started days before and made a tested and perfected gingerbread recipe.
When we arrived she had the space set with an array of red, green and white candies, icing and a fully constructed house.
Bubba has never constructed a candy house before so it took a little direction but once he had the routine away they went. They started with gumdrops, moved to candy canes and so on.

Bubba was in candy heaven once he realized that he was able to eat many of the decorations. Namely the skittles.
3 for me, one for the house.
4 for me, one for the house.
3 for me…

Yet, he still ate lunch!

He had a great time and the house looks awesome! Our only casualty was the door that was easily fixed by icing. Ahh, if only all home repairs were all so easy.
Are you an accomplished Gingerbread House decorator? I want to see your creations!

Be Great,

9 thoughts on “Sugar Rush

  1. What a fun memory and treat! I’m definitely no accomplished gingerbread house maker. The last time I made one it completely fell apart half way through, so I just ate all the candy also!

  2. What I’m wondering is, is the house still standing – or has it been eaten? Ha! I’m sure Bubba will cherish this memory for a long time.

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