Surviving the Nebs

I. am. over. snot.
When Bubba was about 8 months old, he got RSV. Of course, this meant sleepless nights, worried parents, and nebulizer treatments. Exactly what a parent wants to subject their child to, not.
Fast forward two years. At 7 months old, Little Bear took her turn with RSV. ugggh.
At least we know how to do the nebs, prop up the mattress and handle the snot.
Little Bear was, surprisingly, much more receptive to the nebulizer than Bubba had been. It may be that having Bubba sing and dance in front of her is distraction enough to keep her entertained. Regardless, we appreciate it.
Our little trooper is on the mend and we’re hoping one ear infection and bout of RSV will be our penance for the winter.

Here are a few tips for parents trying to get through RSV or other respiratory woes with little ones.
Please remember, I’m NOT a doctor, these are just a few things that work for us. Try them at your own risk. 😉
-Prop up the mattress of the bed gently. We used a small folded quilt under the head of her mattress. Made the slightest incline and allowed her to sleep without sliding down or snotting up.
-Humidifier- run that sucker every night. Even when you think they’re getting better. Keep it going, and keep it clean.
-Diffuser- we’ve been running Little Bear’s diffuser with DoTerra’s Breathe, Serenity and Lemon to support her health and help open her airways.
-Nebulizer- if the doc says you need it. Do it. You don’t want to end up in the ER because baby is struggling to breathe.
-Watch for dehydration- it’s one of the biggest causes for concern with RSV kiddos. They have difficulty breathing so they’re not as hungry or able to drink, so they don’t. This leads to bigger problems in dehydration and that’s what can land you in the hospital with an IV. Not something kids or parents want to go through, I’m sure.
-Get a snot-sucker: Sounds gross. Works Wonders. Read more here.
-Let Them Sleep- The baby will wake up when they are hungry.
-When in doubt, call your doctor. They are there to help and answer your questions.
-Prioritize- The health and happiness of your baby are paramount, especially when they’re sick. As Little Bear was sick over the Christmas holiday we had to rearrange some of our plans which meant we missed out on a couple of things. Nothing was more important than ensuring she was comfortable and able to recover while still keeping those around us healthy and away from the RSV (which shows up as a common cold in many older children and adults).

I hope none of you have to handle sick family members but if you do, I wish you patience and speedy recoveries.

Be Great,
(and wash your hands)


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