The Dreaded, Forget.

We have ten days before the big man in red makes his appearance.
If you’re anything like me that means you, as a parent, are excessively busy.

I do my best to plan ahead but somehow as it draws near I find myself hustlin’ and bustlin’ along. Up to my ears in wrapping paper and tape and still I’ve forgotten something.
There is no terror like Target the week before a holiday.
Mom’s of littles, you hear me. No parent wants to subject themselves to the last-minute-gift-request and going to Target is a surefire way to set up that exact scenario.

Picture this:
You’re leisurely (ha) walking through the store with the children quietly (ha ha) nestled in the cart. Only picking up what is on your meticulously detailed list, and organized by section. (please hold while I dissolve into a fit of giggles) Then you approach the toy section. Now if you’ve been to the store in the last month you will have noticed that this particular section doesn’t seem to have recovered from Black Friday. Dolls are strewn about the aisles, all types of vehicles have found their way into the wrong bins and the nerf section is worryinglly depleated.
This allows your child ample opportunity to survey, decide and ask. You become a racecart (see what I did there?) driver and begin to weave, bob and shuffle past the mounting number of toys until you finally reach the other side. Slightly scratched and with a sniffling toddler begging for “one more train” beause he doesn’t already have 20 at home and ending with “Maybe, I ask Santa.”
Oh boy.

May your last minute shopping trip be uneventful and may your coffee be strong.
Luckily for many, Target has a Starbucks right inside. It’s like they already know. 

Be Great,


I’ll be spending my Black Friday at home!

I used to go out to scour deals and steals pre-kiddos but those days are no longer.

One year, we went to the outlet mall near our home at midnight on Black Friday (back before they started opening stores on Thanksgiving evening!).

That was a big mistake! There were so.many.people.
so. many. 
Now, for a person who isn’t a fan of crowds… this was a nightmare.
People, as far as the eye could see. To a point where they were limiting how many people could enter a store at a time. The line for ‘Coach’ was snaked down the sidewalk. The craziest thing?
There. Were. No. Deals.
As in, that year they were not having any special Black Friday sales or specials. YET the line was 80 people deep. I must have missed the train on that one, and No, we didn’t wait in that line.

So, these days. I put on my fuzzy socks. Convince my husband to bring up the decorations and get to decorating the house for Christmas. Oh, and don’t forget the Christmas music!
I’ll let you know next week how many decorations we lose with Bubba’s help. I’m hoping the damage will be minimal.

What are you shopping for this year?
What am I missing?

Be Great,

Talk to the Management


On Saturday I had to run a few quick errands. By few, I mean 3. Only 3. This doesn’t seem like a bad or hard endeavor, right? Add toddler. To make it easier, we did the divide & conquer. Daddy stayed home so Little Bear could nap, and Bubba went with Mommy. Two hands, one kid- easy peasy right? Sure.
1st stop: Oma & Daddo’s to pick up the life-vest for possible swim fun later.
“I brush teeth Mommy? I go in cool? Where Oma? Where Daddo? I brush teeth?”
Brush your teeth? Sure. No, no pool right now. Maybe later. They’re visiting elsewhere. Okay time for the car again, go go go!
Whew. In and out. Check.
2nd Stop: Optometrist. I needed contacts, blind as a bat over here. Hi.
I happen to really enjoy our optometrist. The one doctor I don’t worry about going to see. So, in we go. “Eye drdr?” Says Bubba. “I no want go eye drdr.” Don’t worry kiddo, your eyes are just fine. We get the contacts and get ready to leave. As we turn to go, Bubba leans over my shoulder, looks at the ladies behind the desk and says “Thank you! Bye” and blows them each a kiss. Smooth moves, dude. Commence oohing and “He’s so cute.” Yep, and he knows it!
3rd Stop: Drug Store. I had to grab just a few quick things. Odds and ends really. And I was having a bit of a tummy issue so I figured I’d grab something for that as well. Blasted Chinese Food… Quickly grabbed the not-polite-for-present-company-discussion-medicine and moved on. Bubba then proceeded to grab the box and say “I hold it Mommy.” Sure Bud. It’s closed, I’m here, all good.
Not. All. Good.
This is when Bubba discovered that if he shook the box it made a noise much like a rattle. Oh, how very fun, in public. He then proceeded to shake the box with vigor exclaiming “Wook Mommy! I pway! I pway noise!” Yes, son. I can hear you. As can every other patron in this store. At this point I think it makes sense to let you know that I’m about as pale as snow. Yes, even in the summer. Therefore, when I’m embarrassed, I’m as pink as a piece of double-bubble gum. By now, we’ve made it to gum-status. To avoid direct eye contact with other patrons, I duck down the first aisle. Oh great. The junk aisle. You know, the stuff that’s probably going to shatter on first drop out of the booster seat, but of course it’s got popular kid characters all over it? Yep. That’s where we are. “Dooooory!” Bubba says and points to a travel cup. He’s never seen Dory. How in the world does he know who Dory is? Never mind that, this could be your distraction. “You want the Dory cup, Buddy? Sure, you can have the Dory cup!” *replaces shaker-box with Dory cup* Sweet, crisis averted.
I had apparently played my hand too quickly as we still had at least 8 aisles to go before we made it to the registers. I think I’ve mentioned before that Bubba is pretty smart most days. This was one of those days. As we’re making our way to the front he spots the drink case. “Mommy, I need dwink for Dory cup. It empty. Nothin in dere.” Of course you do.
Sure thing. Would you like pink or yellow lemonade?
“Pink wemondade. And Yewow wemondade. For Mommy.” Clever, clever child.
Then we finally made it to the registers. With two people ahead of us. Okay, we can wait.
Bubba proceeds to mosey up to the front and place his Dory cup on the register in front of the two ladies waiting in line.
Sorry! Sorry! Grabs cup and kiddo. Whispers to Bubba. Buddy it’s not our turn we have to wait.
“Okay, Mommy. I wait… Wookit! Candy! I eat it. I put it in mouth.” As he notices the giant suckers near the register. Divert! Divert!
Hey- look! There’s goldfish AND cheezits. Which would you like?
“Mommy, I get dis red candy. I eat it.”
Nah, not today. It’s a really big candy. I don’t think it’ll fit in your mouth. Read: You’re definitely going to a)choke on it or b)It’ll end up stuck to something in the car.
How about some goldfish? Or Cheezits?
Ladies in front of us finally finish. Our turn. I place our items and Bubba’s new cup on the counter. As well as grabbing the finally-decided-upon-goldfish.
As the cashier is ringing up our items…at the speed of molasses in winter, I might add… Bubba grabs a candy bar. Thanks impulse placement.
“I get dis candy Mommy?” It’s an almond joy.
You don’t like that kind. Mommy doesn’t even like that kind.
“Oh, okay. It Daddy candy. I put back.” Whew.
“Mommy! Wook! It my candy. I yike dis candy! It have blue!” M&Ms. Of course it’s M&Ms.
“I get dis.” He says to the cashier as he’s placing the M&M bag on the counter. “Here you go!”
At this point there has been a gentleman behind us watching the entire encounter.
“That was pretty slick. I like how he did that.”
-Yeah, how exactly do I argue with that?
“I don’t know. It was kind of like, ‘this is how it’s going to be and if you don’t like it…’”
-You can take it up with the management… In my case,  he’s the management.
“Right! Well, good luck with that one.” To Bubba. “Hey man, enjoy your candy!”
Bubba: “Tank you!” *thumbs up*
We took our purchases and went to the car. I could hear the gentleman and cashier chuckling.
What a trip.
This kid keeps me on my toes, and has a Dory cup, goldfish and M&Ms to prove it.
Next time. I’m taking the one who can’t talk yet.

Be Great,