Thankful for Grace

A day late and a dollar short. That’s how I’ve felt the past few days.
It’s my own fault as I’ve just let the holidays begin to appear without much planning.
We’re hosting Thanksgiving brunch (our first!) and attending Thanksgiving dinner- busy busy busy.
Don’t cry for me Argentina GummyLaaaaaand. 

Yet, yesterday was a great example of family and understanding. Let me share.

Hubs has a new (awesome) job which gives him the ability to earn overtime. A fantastic opportunity pre-holiday shopping but it means more time away from home.
As such, and due to the upcoming holiday he worked a bit later last week. Then even later the beginning of this week. Then the latest last night. He worked a 12-hour-day. 12.hours.
As such, that meant that I was with the kiddos from sun up – to sun down, quite literally.
I don’t mind, as being with them is fantastic, but I will admit, sometimes it’s tiring. Especially now that Little Bear is an expert barrel roller (she can go all the way across the room way too quickly) and Bubba is into Legos which we are constantly rescuing from Little Bear’s grasp.
To top it off, Little Bear had a well-check appointment with three shots. Poor kid.

Not a bad, or rough day- but a day.
As Hubs is pretty good at sensing the outcome of a situation,  he suggested I try and head over to Oma & Daddos house for a reprieve and some help. He knew it would be a late, late night.

We were in luck! Daddo, Oma AND Uncle E were all home, and from Bubba’s perspective ready to play!

We are quite blessed that Oma can quite literally think on her feet. With no prior warning or planning, she produced a full meal complete with delicious salmon, rice, and veggies.
Watch out Mom, you keep this up we’re coming over all the time.

Now, this could have become a stressful day, but with a little grace, understanding, and patience it was a really nice one instead.

Two busy kids + doctor appointment with shots + zone defense (one parent, two kids) + 12+ hours of work usually equals stress and a headache.

With understanding family members, an appreciation for a great job and opportunity and a group effort…

It was a good day.

On another note, I slept really well. Thanks Little Bear.

Be Great,

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  1. We do have a busy schedule ahead with Thanksgiving party at home and few to attend outside & I can relate to you being a mom of 2. It always feels so good When you have a family that supports you in need!

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