The Bees Knees

Kids are funny. Sometimes I forget that Bubba is still small as he speaks quite well and understands even more. Sometimes more than we would like him to understand, for sure.
We had another reminder of his age, and his cuteness, just last night.

Each evening, as part of our bedtime routine, we put PJs on the kiddos and all climb into Mommy & Daddy’s bed to watch “Blue Trains.” Which happens to be a video from the early 90’s comprised entirely of model trains, narrated by an 8-year-old. Remember, we watch this every.single.night. We hardly get to watch Blue Trains because by this point Bubba usually wants to snuggle, hug on Little Bear or play his new favorite game “Cwose Eyes” (Close Eyes) where he has everyone pretend to sleep then wakes them with a dinosaur growl. It’s cute.

During this part of our routine last evening, Daddy mentioned that he had a pain in his knee. Bubba immediately sat up, he tends to be very curious and sympathetic when someone is in pain, and exclaimed, “My knee hurting too!” We giggled at the seriousness in his voice and how eager he was to share in Daddy’s pain. Daddy, being the smart, quick thinking man that he is, asked Bubba “Oh your knee hurts too? Where is your knee?”
-‘My Knee?’ Asked Bubba
“Yes, your knee. Where is it?”
-‘Right There?’ pointing to Daddy’s face.
“No, that’s not a knee Buddy. Where is your knee?”
-‘I no have knee, Daddy. I no have.’ He said with the absolute straightest face.
Well, that got us giggling. How surprised he was to find out he had not only one, but two knees!
As I said earlier, I forget that he’s only 2-1/2. He’s not supposed to know all of the body parts quite yet and he confuses them sometimes-that’s okay. We spoke the other day about how he still calls a ‘helicopter’ a ‘kelohopter’ but we think it’s just too cute to correct quite yet. He can say it correctly, but we’re not sure he realizes he’s saying it differently. All of the sounds are there, just a bit scrambled.

With the amount that Bubba speaks, it is only a matter of time before Little Bear follows suit. It’s going to sound like a pack of chattering monkeys around here before long.
I can’t wait!

Be Great,

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  1. Being a mom of 2 kids, I know how fun it is to spend time with them and even a huge amount of time spent looks small. Bubba looks adorable and I agree it is so precious to watch when they talk in the cutest manner spelling words differently!

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