The Candy Conundrum

Kids love candy.
If I’m being honest I’ll also say that Hubs loves candy too. I, on the other hand, am fond of ice cream.
It’s a delicious weakness to have but one we probably don’t want to encourage with Bubba.

Potty training + candy = success
candy + toddler = hair & temper loss
potty training + toddler = wet floors (shudder)

(Those child locks are no match for a 2-year-old’s dexterity.
Bubba is a smarty-pants. In the beginning of the PT phase, we were giving 3 skittles for a successful visit to the powder room. It worked like a charm.
Then… it didn’t.
Someone decided that he really likes candy and wanted to eat it all the time.
He discovered that when he goes successfully, he gets candy.
So why not go every three minutes- right?

After a particularly difficult bedtime routine, the product of being overtired and extra sugar, Hubs and I decided that something needed to change.
Being a former teacher I employed a behavior system that I used with my students, Class Dojo.
It is a points system where children can earn (and lose) points based on choices and behavior.
We set a goal for ten points earned equalling a reward and crossed our fingers.
Bubba is ROCKING Dojo and the mere thought of ‘losing a point’ has been enough of a warning to correct behavior several times.

So- if you’re closing in on the teen-3’s as we are (I’m thinking that 3 really is worse than 2) give Class Dojo a try. It’s free and you won’t find stickers stuck to your windows (or your yoga pants) anytime soon.

As a quick story:
We’re teaching Bubba to use the potty correctly and I thought it would be a good idea to encourage him to try standing. We have little shark decals in the bowl (got them from for him to ‘aim’ toward in the hopes of saving my floors and cutting down on cleaning time. Remember, this is my first child, I’m blissfully unaware of what the future holds for my bathroom cleaning experiences.
So, we go in. Get ready and… I’m at a loss.
I suggested the idea without thinking that I have no personal experience with the skill in which to offer suggestions or teaching points. Ugh, Mom-Fail.
I spent the next few minutes scrubbing the bathroom wall.
I also texted Hubs to share the story. He thought it was hilarious.
Not my area of expertise…

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