The Magic Couch

Did you know?
We have a magic couch at our house.
I wonder if the people who sold it to us knew it was magic when they were letting it go.
I mean, I just realized this week the powers that it holds.
It can make you invisible. Just ask Bubba!

As per a previous post, Oma & Daddo gave us a book-a-day to unwrap and read before Christmas. We’ve been really good about opening one per day. Unwrap, read, repeat the next day. We usually take the time as a family to open and read before bedtime. It’s a nice unwinding and relaxing opportunity for us.
One day, Bubba wanted to change it up a bit.
“Mommy, I open dis one?” as he holds a wrapped book in his hands next to the Christmas tree.
Not right now Buddy. We’ll open it when Daddy gets home later today.
“Oh, okay Mommy. I’m just going to hold it for a minute.”
… okay.
Now, I was born on a day, but it wasn’t yesterday.
Did I really think he was just going to hold it? Not for a moment, but everyone deserves a chance.
Not 30 seconds later, I heard the telltale, yet ever so slight, crinkling of wrapping paper but didn’t see Bubba.
Excuse me, sir. I said NOT to open that.
“I just gonna hold it for ONE minute.” He said as he popped his head out from behind the couch.
Holding and opening are very different things, son. Put it back in the box.
“Oooohkay Mommy. I’s just gonna hold it one minute.”
Box…. now…
*exasperated sigh* “Okay Mommy.”

I can hear your thoughts. “Behind the couch, pretty clever.” and it would be… except behind the couch in this sense means smack-dab in the middle of the living room, exposed to visibility and sightlines on three sides. Our couch is in the middle of the room… it’s not hiding at all. Ahh, but I won’t crush his hiding spot just yet.

I waited about 2 hours.

Little Bear was napping so we were having some quiet play time.
Naturally, Bubba brings out his drumsticks.
“Mommy, I play these?” as he looks at his sleeping sister. This kid knows what he’s doing….
I think we should pick another toy. Your sister is asleep, and we don’t want to wake her.
“Okay Mommy, I not play them.”
and behind the couch he disappears.
He’s not a short child by any means so I can see the top of his blond head sticking out from behind the couch. Along with it, two hard plastic drumsticks wildly waving about.
I can see you. I say.
Drumsticks disappear with a muffled ‘oh.’
“No you can’t,” he says.
I muffle a giggle and proceed to explain that drumsticks aren’t for Little Bear’s naptime and we can play ‘band’ after she wakes up.

It is never dull with these children.
As Hubs pointed out, we may be in for a world of trouble when he gets old enough to capitalize on his loophole behavior. IE when he discovers that he can capitalize on a loophole in directions. I wish his future teachers (and us) good luck.

Do you have a magic couch?

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  1. I think we all have so many fun & cute stories to share when it comes about my kids and yours is quiet amazing. Bubba and Little Bear are having so much fun together and I am sure you are going to have so many new stories coming up every day!

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