The Mommy Files- Holiday Edition

Oh the weather outside is frightful
and the stores are less than delightful.
But shipping takes way too long.
Shopping Mom, Shopping Mom, Shopping Mom.

We’re t-minus mere days until a slew of major holidays but we Moms know the deal. We’ve been preparing for a while now.
I love my husband with everything I have, but let’s face it- our men, are not us.
If we were to boycott the holiday prep what would happen?

Let me run down the list of responsibilities that befall a mother during the holiday season.

-Holiday Cards:
finding the outfits,

hiring a photographer or, like me, making the silly decision to do it yourself

getting the photos into a card

 ordering said card

reordering/repairing said card when your family names are cut off because they cropped it funny!

 stuffing envelopes

addressing envelopes

 sending cards, breathing a sigh of relief


Gift Purchasing:
Getting gifts for the kids

Coordinating gifts to the kids from grandparents/family members

 Gifts for family members

Being sneaky while ordering/picking up/hiding gifts for Husband

Sending gifts for those far away and ensuring they arrive on time.

Running out last minute because you forgot something. argh


Purchase new wrapping paper because you can’t find last year’s.

Purchase new tape because yours is unsticky/full of dog hair/curiously missing yet everything on the toy table is taped together.

Vowing to wrap before Christmas Eve.

Wrapping on Christmas Eve.

Cursing yourself for waiting so long to wrap.

Cursing yourself for buying gifts that are difficult to wrap. Who wraps a baseball anyway?

Vowing to stock up on boxes/bags for next year.

Finishing wrapping in time to fall into bed exhausted.


-Food Prep:
Plan holiday meals.

Shop (or have husband shop) for holiday meal foods.

Prep, bake, cook holiday yummies.

Ensure that the kids don’t eat only candy for a meal.

Clean all the dishes.


This is of course in addition to the usual work, child rearing and overall housekeeping that is done during non-peak-holiday times. So, if the wife/mother/caretaker in your life seems a little more on edge this month, you now know why. Offer to help or take something on from the list above. She’ll appreciate you, for it!

Stay sane, and Be Great!

11 thoughts on “The Mommy Files- Holiday Edition

  1. It seems to me that my to do list just keeps getting longer and longer. This has been going on pretty much from September and I will be happy to have a breather in January.

  2. This made me smile because even though I’m not a mom I relate to a lot of this! Why can I NEVER find last year’s wrapping paper? And how come I never remember to buy boxes for those hard-to-wrap gifts?!

  3. Hahaha I couldn’t help but sing the lyrics up there. I’m not a mama, but you’re right – there’s so much prep to do before the holidays! I am traveling back to California with my husband and I feel like there’s not enough time to do everything!

  4. It’s always a surprise to me every year how much prep work there is for Christmas and yet I do it every year and seem to forget lol! Christmas Shopping is something I do in the months leading up to December just so I don’t have to brave the Malls in December lol!

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