The Pain of Parting…

…is nothing to the joy of meeting again.
-Charles Dickens

Reunited and it feeeels so gooood!
It’s back to school time here in VA. That means teachers are back in their classrooms tearing down paper and setting up bulletin boards. To be honest, the first week they are usually sitting in meetings and trying to figure out the expectations for the year, oh and reuniting with work buddies. Most of the time teachers are as excited to see one another as the kids are when it’s BTS time. For me, this year, it’s a little different as I’m still on maternity leave. I won’t be expected back to school until the end of September. Regardless, you can’t keep a teacher from her classroom. I went to meet up with my long-term-sub and go over a few things for the beginning of the year, and, okay, to visit my friends too. The littles came with me because where else would they be, right?
Guess. Who. Else. Was. There. You’re right! Punkybear!
Now, Bubba didn’t know, and neither did I, that Punkybear would be at school. So when Punkybear’s mom came by and saw we were visiting, she invited Bubba to come to her classroom. Miss. Seendie (what Bubba calls one of my friends) and Bubba went with Punkybear’s mom to visit his long-lost-love. From what I was told he ran across the room, full speed and gave her the biggest hug! Very 90’s-galloping-through-a-field-of-flowers type stuff. Punkybear came back down to my classroom where Bubba proceeded to attempt to woo her with the following:
– His mad dance skills. The most recent addition to his repertoire being the “down” in which he bounces back and forth to a beat other than the one in the song and points downward.
– Holding her hand requesting that she “follow him.” Bubba’s hand was covered in marker from an earlier project so I can understand that she probably wouldn’t want his grubby fingers on hers.
– Hugs. Lots and lots of hugs. Often with no warning what-so-ever.
– Calling her name repeatedly, because who doesn’t like having their name shouted from less-than-two-feet-away, I know I do. It is a regular occurrence around here.

The poor girl was discretely attempting to move toward the door. Step by minuscule step without hurting Bubba’s feelings. I appreciate her to the moon for this. In addition to all of her unique and creative prowess, Punkybear is, at heart, a sweet and undeniably caring girl. She knows that Bubba likes being around her but he’s a little much all at once sometimes. Instead of simply blowing him off, she carefully and gently extricated herself from the situation while preserving (and probably encouraging) his attention toward her. She spared his little toddler feelings.  A skill that will not be wasted as she gets older, I’m sure. Watch out future boyfriends- you’ll never know you’ve been detached until it’s too late, and you’ll probably think it was your idea anyway- she’s that good. I only hope that Little Bear has a heart like that as she gets older.
Seeing Punkybear made Bubba’s day. He talked about (and continues to talk about) Punkybear every time he is asked “what he did today.” Regardless of how many days ago he saw her.
He’ll be a very attentive boyfriend/husband someday. Someday far, far in the future. Funny, that’s how his Daddy snagged a date with his Mommy so many years ago.
Straight persistence.

Be Great,

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