The Purge

Parents, or people of the world in general. Hands up if you’ve got too much stuff.
Unfortunately, this is the world I am currently living in.
We. Have. Too. Much. Stuff.

We are a very lucky family, as you’ve read before.
Our kiddos are well spoiled by grandparents and great-grandparents alike.
As such, I’m quite sure I could run a small Carters outlet, from my home.
Half of the time, the kids grow out of the clothes before they have a chance to wear them.
I know, woe is me. But really, it’s an epidemic, up-in-here.
Add that to my hatred of laundry and it’s quite the conundrum.

Then, you add holidays and birthdays and boom you’re on the next episode of hoarders.
“Why don’t you donate some of your things?
I’d love to, what a great idea. Now, how about you come over, figure out what can go, what doesn’t have sentimental value, what isn’t supposed to be in the rubbish bin but looks like it should, bag, tag and deliver it for me. Oh, while catering to the needs of two little ones and working from home.
Yep, harder than it seems.
Not to mention, Bubba received several garbage trucks for this holidays and now all the small pieces of stuff he finds become trash for his trash trucks. Good luck to you if you actually try to throw it away. In fact, I think I’m still in time-out.

should have started before the holidays arrived. I was actually chatting with a friend about this earlier. She is having her son choose toys he’d like to donate to make room for his new toys. Her stipulation? They have to be good toys. As in, toys other kids would want to play with. Not the chick-fil-a board book slobbered on by a younger sibling. Genius.
Maybe we should do the same for husbands, and ourselves too. If I went with the “if you haven’t worn it in 6 months let it go” philosophy… I’d own leggings and PJs. Not a pretty sight if I want to leave the house.

So, I will get this house in order. Maybe by 2018 but I will! You read it here first.
We will be donating early next year.
Just maybe, I’ll even catch a wild wind and try my hand at organizing the toys.
Say it with me “In with the clean, out with the obscene-amount-of-crazy-stuff-in-my-house.”

Don’t you feel better?

Be Great,

2 thoughts on “The Purge

  1. Perhaps, try a different strategy.
    Find an organization you would like to support (such as a soup kitchen) and simply look for items which you would like their clients to have. Select items for them to give to their clients for birthdays, Easter, Christmas, etc … rather than items you no longer want.

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