The Sweetest Sound

“A baby’s laugh could simply be one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.”

Little Bear has started to laugh.
It is my favorite sound.
In a stroke of coincidence my “memories” notification popped up and it was a video of Bubba laughing, around 4 or 5 months old. Still, a wonderful sound.
There are certain things that make Little Bear laugh. She’s not a fan of raspberries, but if you rub your nose on her belly she giggles like it’s her job. She also loves to smile, coo and laugh when we talk to her. I talk to her all the time, but sometimes I forget to let her talk. There have been days recently where she’s been a bit fussy for no reason. Well, no reason I could originally determine but before long I figured out that she just wanted to talk to me. She loves to sit on my knees, facing me and tell me about her day. Even though I’ve been here all day with her, she has so much to tell me. I wonder if this will bode well for us later. If she talks as much as her brother, we’ll be in for a real treat. She’s also started laughing at and responding to Bubba. He spends about half of his morning laying next to her, talking to her, hugging her or just talking about her. Now that she responds to him, they are like magnets. We can’t keep them apart, nor do we want to. Though, I do find myself saying, Please let don’t lay on her, more often. Not that he’s actually laying on her, but he does like to get right next to her on the blanket or couch. I really hope they continue to be close. I know it won’t be like this when they get old enough to bother one another on purpose, but hopefully, that phase won’t last too long. *fingers crossed*
As I’ve been doing some new things while at home with the kiddos during the day I’ve found my time to get somewhat busier than usual. With Little Bear’s new talent I am reminded what maternity leave is all about and how this time and this bond with her is so important, as well as the relationship between Little Bear and Bubba. My mom said that when the second kiddos comes along, the first one starts to learn compassion. This is so very true with Bubba. If he tosses something too close to her or wakes her up unexpectedly you can immediately see it on his face. It’s a realization that his actions have an effect on others around him. Something he never had to learn before. So very interesting to watch. When they laugh together, everything is the way it should be and you can see, in both of them, how much they love one another. I guess I need to edit my beginning statement and say that the two of them laughing together is my favorite sound. My two babies, giggling at one another just because they’re together. Le sigh. 

What’s your favorite sound today?

Be Great,

21 thoughts on “The Sweetest Sound

  1. I love baby laughter! It’s the best when you figure out what silly face or noise really gets them going!
    This is sort of weird, but one of my favorite sounds is that of a peppermint pattie when you hold it close to your ear and break it in half. 😉 It really gets me drooling- lol!

  2. The laughing is adorable and probably one of the best sounds there is. It always makes my day when a time hop or memory pops up of a video with one of my littles just laughing as babies. I’m going to be honest though, today was long and mostly orneriness out of my toddlers. The sound of a wine bottle opening is the best sound this evening.

  3. Really nice post, it will be a nice way to remember these happy days. My favourite sound, probably, the sound of the sea, the snow when you are skiing, the rain when is pouring constantly… Will think about it.

  4. I love the and of a baby’s laughter. Today my favorite sound has been the soft buzz of my ceiling fan while I enjoy NOT being at work.

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