There’s a Man in My House!

I’ve seen him.
Usually, late at night or early in the morning as the sun is peaking through the windows, he’s like a whisper in the darkness. I glimpse his shadow in the quiet.
He is many forms during the day, though I rarely see him on his own.
He brings memories of times past, a simpler life that I cherish but no longer crave.
His scent reminds me of carefree summers and charcoal grills.
His hands once held mine, now they hold my children. I give up my place with no regret.

For I know I will find my way back to him in time. Our attention is split between our children, our responsibilities and our dreams. Yet I know where I stand in his heart. He once told me that I will always be his number one love, I do not doubt him, even now when the time we have is so thinly split. I know he is mine and I am his.

Finding time for ourselves, as a couple,  often comes lower on the list of responsibilities these days. We enjoy the time we take at the end of a busy day, once the kids are asleep, to check in and just sit and listen to one another.  I think we take the strength of our relationship for granted when we get busy.  Though his support as I embark on this blogging journey is what helps me to keep going during late nights and early mornings.
I am making a promise, here and now, to continue to pour energy, understanding, and attention into our relationship as partners and as parents. A good friend once shared something very smart with me. She told me of a time that she was asked, “if your child were sick, you’d do anything to help them heal, correct? Shouldn’t you do the same with your marriage?” Ding! Nailed it!
Now, our marriage is neither sick nor in trouble, but I do believe it needs constant attention and energy, which we’ve been slacking on  in lieu of sleep and child rearing. It happens, but things worth having are worth working for.

There’s a man in my house, and I’m quite sure I married him.

Be Great,


How do you spend time with your partner/spouse when life gets busy? Let me know!

20 thoughts on “There’s a Man in My House!

  1. Great post, and full of emotion. Me and my long time boyfriend are living miles apart, but because of this technology, we are still connected everyday – its like we are together physically. LOVE is very mysterious and it can move mountains 🙂

  2. We don’t have kiddos but we do have a dog-o and lots of activities during the week. When life gets busy, I cut out cleaning and laundry. I say- fuhgetaboutit! And we spend time together instead. 🙂

  3. Great post, Meg. My husband is finishing up medical school, and so we go long days or overnights without seeing each other. Lots of texts, lots of notes/flowers, and social media free time when we are able to be together. Life is good and will only get better <3

  4. Great topic. How many of us can relate to this? I raise my hand! I can honestly say we lack a support system. We have not been on a “date” in years. However, we do sit down to eat at the table with our kids nearly every night. And we travel with our children. It isn’t alone time but it is our thing! I am not sure what I would do if we had alone time. Probably clean the house or review our budget…lol

  5. Wow, you hit on a point that I’ve been pondering for a while. I see older couples in my life and I always wonder how having children changes the dynamic in a marriage. I’m a newlywed (one year as of this summer) and experiencing the “simpler life” that you mentioned in the beginning.

    Thank you so much for sharing this !

  6. We don’t have kids but most of the time we both are busy in our work, so we hardly get time to spend together! We try to take a small weekend getaway once every three months and keep ourselves isolated from world and all the technology!

  7. We make sure to schedule date nights, about one per month at least. They help us reconnect. Even if it’s just going for a quick bite to eat – it refreshes us!

  8. Been trying to finish reading this for a few days now! So beautiful and true. I dont have kids but I do know I can prioritize other projects instead of my marriage if im not careful ‘cuz im such a doer lol. Great reminder for us all! 😉

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