They say

I don’t know who they are. But they tend to say that when you have a second child, everything starts to happen faster and faster. Well, they seem to be right.

Bubba began crawling around 9 months. At 13 months he was walking. At 13 months and 1 day, he was running!
We were in the camp with Bubba that he would hit his milestones when he was ready. We didn’t force him to crawl or walk. This was with the full understanding that once he hit that walking milestone, there was no going back. I can honestly say that I’m not sure he’s stopped moving since the day he started walking… no wonder the poor kid’s pants fall off when he runs. Can’t keep any extra meat on those bones- if only we could all be so lucky.

Enter Little Bear. We are of the same camp, yet it’s a bit different this time. We don’t have to wonder if or when she will crawl but where we will find her next. The girl has got some serious sprint when it comes to the army crawl. Yet, here we are barely a month into her scooting around and the girl. is. pulling. up.
Pray for us.
At the ripe old age of 8.5 months, Little Bear has decided that there are bigger and better things to see. Namely, whatever Bubba has put on the couch out of her reach. So naturally, standing it is.
Not only is she starting to pull up on things, she’s an equal-opportunity-puller. She doesn’t care if it moves, is a dog, or a sturdy object. She’s going to try and stand.

Attempt 1:








Attempt 2:

Attempt 3:


Third time is the charm and look at all the toys up here!

Wish us luck.

Be Great,

3 thoughts on “They say

  1. Haha, Oh Meg! This and your last one about BabyZilla sound JUST like my life/house 6 months ago! At 6 months old, Z quickly went from army crawl to crawl to SPEED crawling within a couple weeks(I swear she crawled faster than any baby I had ever seen before!!)…and the pulling up. BUT, she did take her time getting to the whole walking thing. Just started that full time at 13 months and a couple days. (For comparison, Big Bro was a 9 month crawler and maybe 13.5/14 month walker)

  2. The first child has no companion while the second one has a best friend or can say a teaser, so they learn faster. That’s why the saying is appropriate. Second child learn faster and grow faster.

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