This…is serious.

A little change in pace.
Happy Wednesday!
Snapchat-184124526121131339I wanted to check in with you all and thank you for joining me for the past THIRTY + days on the blog. I have, indeed blogged successfully for over 30 days. *happy dance*
Now, if I could only work out for 30 days my yoga pants might get a break. Kudos to those of you that DO workout every day- I applaud you and I really do enjoy your updates across my Facebook. Seriously, I’m not being a jerk. Watching you Sweating for the Wedding or because it’s a great example for your kids. I’m jealous. I want to do that too- I’m just not there. Yet.  It gives me motivation, not enough to work out, but motivation to do something. If you know any good yoga series, I’d love to try them. Gotta find a little balance and Savasana up in here.
Also, no mommy-wine workouts. They seem like fun in theory but A) I’d end up inebriated (not good parenting form) and B) there would be wine stains on my floor… There are enough stains on this floor.

But as usual, I digress. I wanted to check in with you all and see how you were liking the direction of the blog. What you want to read more of and what you think are the big issues in parenting today. Or, if you have a fun/funny story you’d like me to share, you can leave your thoughts in a comment or send me an email too! I’ve decided to go big or go home with the blog and I want to make sure you join me for the journey. It’s getting serious around these parts, but not too serious- I’m enjoying myself way too much. Trust me, I’ve got content forever with these two minions on my heels.  I Can’t wait to share more with you and see where we can take this! received_10100530600205112

As a quick update if you haven’t already, check out the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages I have linked to the blog. I post on all there almost daily if you’re looking for more Gummie-stuff or more Bubba & Little Bear.

I appreciate everyone who has followed along, liked, shared and supported the blog so far. You all are the best!

Be Great,


17 thoughts on “This…is serious.

  1. I love reading your blogs, makes me feel closer to you and your littles, you know with us being so far away 😉. 30 days….great job!

  2. Congratulation for your 30 days! You should be proud of yourself as Blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea. I loved the humor in your writing and so never give up blogging!

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