It is the beginning of a new week and I, for one, am ready!

I know that is crazy to say as the beginning of a work week tends to be cumbersome for many. But this week, I’m ready for Monday. I’ve got things to do!

My plans include the usual work and child rearing but I’ve got a wild hair today. I want to clean the main floor AND the bathrooms. Watch out, world! Better yet, I’d like to get the Christmas lights put up on the house but that *might* be pushing it.

I, of course, also need to:

do some shopping,

fix my Christmas cards (more on that another time)

stuff, address and mail them,

figure out a dinner plan

work on Little Bear’s stocking

build an empire

workout (pshhh, don’t make me laugh)

make some phone calls

schedule a massage (again with the comedy)

and I’m sure I’m forgetting something.

But at least the laundry is finished…


What are you working on today?

Don’t feel overwhelmed, we can do it!

Be Great,



One thought on “To-Dos

  1. Setting up a display for my Education by Entertainment programs at a local bank.
    Post a photo of the display when I return.
    Doing writing and paperwork.
    Hoping it will warm up enough so the snow/ice will melt.
    Attending a networking event.
    (I did the laundry earlier today. I should do some dishes, though!)

    Tell me more about the empire…

    Don’t overdo…

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