October Traditions

octoberIt’s October!
We’re lucky that we get to have an October that involves changing leaves, cool weather and all the greatness that is Autumn.
Growing up, holidays were always an exciting time.
Mom would, and still does, decorate the house. Dad used to create awesome decorations for the outside of the house and we’d eagerly await Halloween! Ahh memories.

In keeping with tradition, Nina also has an October tradition that no matter where you live, always come to fruition. On 10/1 every year, either at your door or in your mailbox a package will appear. Said package will usually contain 1 box of ginger snaps, 1 bag of candy corn and a container of apple cider, ahh Fall. It’s a small, unassuming package but I look forward to it for days before it arrives. Even when Nina is busy, under the weather or out of town, somehow the package appears. It’s like magic! 10%2f1

In our home, I love Halloween. Hubs is a bit indifferent, but I love Halloween. Not the scary, creepy, pee-your-pants-in-fear Halloween but the Hocus Pocus Halloween. This year I decorated the house with several light-up pumpkins and decorations as well as having Bubba help. He’s at the age now that he’s happy to help and be a part of the fun. Each morning he comes down and says “Turn on Big Pumpkin, Mommy!” until we turn on the pumpkins. Then he can have breakfast.

I do hope that our traditions continue and we create more of our own. I would love for Bubba and Little Bear to feel the same sense of nostalgia and joy when they think back on our traditions when they get older.

I think Bubba is going to be a train conductor for Halloween. The jury is still out on Little Bear’s costume… Any suggestions?

Be Great,

10 thoughts on “October Traditions

  1. Great to have meaningful family traditions… and with advances in technology you can make great color photos and videos, too!!!

    I try to spend a few days viewing/photographing the beautiful fall foliage.

    Also, fall marks a busy time of year for my programs. I enjoy returning to teacher’s conferences, schools, etc.

  2. We usually decorate every year but last year a bug bit me while I was doing the bushes and it hurt for about two weeks so I’ve been delaying doing it this year in hopes my husband will volunteer. It took me FOREVER to get my kids (8 & 11) to decide on their costumes. The dog I picked myself. My Lab will be a Lion.

  3. I just bought hocus pocus for my kids on blueray! After reading your post I realized I need to get to decorating for halloween. Now to find the time. Lol

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