Truck Friends

gtguys2-1Wednesday mornings are an exciting time in our home.
Favorite TV show? Nope
Special breakfast? Nope
Extra iPad time? Nope
It’s…. garbage day.
Yes, you read that correctly. Garbage collection day. 

It started this summer. When Wednesday rolls around Bubba knows the trash truck is coming. We actually get a bit of a warning, as they collect on the street behind our house, we can hear them working, then about an hour later they come our way. It started with Bubba simply watching the great big trash truck from the window of his room. Then from the front door. Then the front step. Then the driveway.
We have the regulars that take care of our route. Unfortunately, and shame on me, I don’t know their names as of yet. The driver has noticed Bubba and makes sure to honk the horn as he backs the truck down the street so we know they’re coming. When Bubba would stand on the front steps he’d wave and yell to the workers and they would take the time to wave and acknowledge Bubba. It made his day.
One day, Bubba mustered up the confidence to go onto the driveway, as long as Mommy comes too. That’s when it happened. The driver of the garbage truck, while on his way to collect the cans, stopped by, removed his glove and gave Bubba high-five. Bubba was so happy, and in shock, that he jumped up and down.
“Mommy! My ga-bage twuck fwends say Hi a me. Dey give fives! I yike my twuck fwends.”
(translation: Mommy, my garbage truck friends say ‘hi’ to me. They give me high fives. I like my truck friends!)
Another thing to know, the same truck and workers come back on Wednesday’s around lunch time to collect the recycling. Twice the truck, twice the fun.
gtguysgtguys-1As Bubba’s obsession with the garbage-truck-guys continues to grow we hear about them often.  Usually, starting on Tuesday he starts to ask if they’re coming and if he can give them a high-five. Then on Wednesday when he wakes up he asks if they’ve come yet. When Daddy returns home from work Wednesday and all the way to bedtime, Bubba talks about his garbage-truck-guy-friends. He’s also developed a new way to play with his blocks and toys. He has a dump truck that he fills with mega-blocks which he says are the ‘trash pieces.’ He repeatedly fills and dumps the trash truck in the living room, transporting the trash to various parts of the first floor. If you know what it’s like to step on a lego, you understand the peril this creates. Oh, and I didn’t mention. The driver of the famed truck wears a backward hat. Always and without fail. So, naturally,  Bubba has deemed one of his hats the garbage-truck-guy-hat which must be worn backward in order to properly play garbage-truck-guys. gtguys2
This obsession has led to:
-Garbage truck videos anytime he has the iPad.
-The Garbage Truck Song by Blippy.
-Every truck noise must be the garbage truck regardless of the day of the week.
Such sadness when it isn’t. 
Awesome imaginative play. Beeping noises, dumping and loading the trucks, and hours of entertainment.  Apparently, the garbage-truck-guys toss the cans a little after they dump them in the truck, Bubba has become proficient in tossing the blocks-box across the room in a similar fashion.
And may luck be on your side if you should miss a garbage pickup as we did last week. Little Bear had a checkup (4 months already) and we were out when they came by. Poor guy was so sad to have missed them, but luckily- we were back in time for lunch. Crisis, mostly averted.

So, to the sanitation workers who bring such joy and excitement to our house every week. We say thanks, and see you next Wednesday.

Be Great,

15 thoughts on “Truck Friends

  1. What a lovely post. So important that children use their imagination through play and as you say, it keeps him entertained. Great photos too. He looks a lovely chap.

  2. There is another family that has a great relationship with their sanitation workers. The mom posts super cute videos of her kiddos excitedly waiting with sandwiches and Gatorade for their favorite guys!

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