We Are War Eagle

game2  It is September. This means College Football is back in season.
It also means the NFL is back in full force.
Mommy is a Giants fan but that’s not what we’re chatting about today.
Daddy. Daddy is a college football fanatic.
Daddy attended Auburn University. If we’re being honest, I’m quite sure he stayed an extra fall semester just to get one more season of football.
My university on the other hand didn’t even have a football team so I didn’t quite understand the scope of what college football meant until I married into it.

Let’s go back.
Bubba had his first experience with college football well before he was born.game1
In November of the year I was pregnant with him, Auburn was playing in the annual Iron Bowl.
This happened to be the year, for those of you that remember, where with mere seconds left on the clock, Alabama kicked a field goal and came up short. To which the Auburn played returned the kick for 100+ yards to score and win the game. We had both families and friends over to watch the game. If you’ve met my husband you know that he’s not all that partial to sudden outbursts of excitement. This, was a rare day. After the returned kick and ensuing football madness he proceeded to run around our home and slide across the floor in front of the television all while hootin’ & hollerin. Needless to say, Bubba was responding in kind but he was still on the inside.

Fast forward. Daddy still loves Auburn but now Uncle E is attending Penn State. Which happens to be the alma mater of the kiddos great grandfather. It’s a good thing they’re in different conferences. Saturdays are fun days in our home. Football goes on the TV in the am and lasts until all of the important games have been completed.

game2-1Little Bear has had her introduction and subsequent wardrobe additions to incorporate both teams. Bubba has grown out of his previous attire and has new team gear to sport. They’re ready to cheer for whoever we’re watching, as long as it isn’t Alabama or Michigan.
Not to mention we also have family in Syracuse. These kids haven’t got a chance. Is there such a thing as multi-team-confusion because I think my kids will have it.
But college football is one of the reasons I love fall. I guess you could say, I’ve been converted to the college football way of life.

Do you have a favorite team?

Be Great,

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