Wine Time

 No matter if you eat them or drink them, grapes are good for the soul.

What better way to celebrate having family home to visit than going to a winery?
That’s how we decided to celebrate the last full day my side of the family was all in town.
Also, noon on a holiday Friday is a fantastic time for wine as there is no one at the winery, yet they are open.
In my state, there are over 250 wineries. Most around my town are family, and sometimes pet, friendly. That being said, Little Bear and Bubba traveled with me to visit with their grandparents, aunt, and uncle. They had a blast, and their behavior was actually quite enjoyable. Thank goodness because this Mommy definitely needed a few minutes out of the house. As Bubba says “dat Mommy juice?” Yes, sir… Yes, it is.  

We were able to enjoy time together, chatting, catching up and looking toward the new year. Bubba & Little Bear are really lucky they have family that will deal with their antics and answer the same questions time after time.
Better yet, we got to see it snow! Bubba has been in the snow before but not that he remembers it. Seeing the wonder and excitement on his face and then watching him run back and forth from the window to the table…priceless.

Funny story: We are still working on potty training Bubba. Especially when we are out of the house. I’m sure you can imagine the difficulty. Whenever one person goes to find a restroom, Bubba wants to go too. He was on one such trip when he was convinced to take a turn. Upon returning to the main area, which was now very populated with people we did not know, he shouts at the top of his lungs “Mommy! I sit on the potty!!” Oh, joy!
Am I wearing blush, uhh no… that’s just a natural side effect of my son…

Overall, a great outing with some awesome photos (courtesy of Auntie M and Oma) of a time well spent.

I’ll drink to that!

Be Great,

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