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I’ve learned a few very important things over the last weekend.
Some, were conference related, others were people related. It shocks me just how much we can learn simply from observing those around us.

If you saw yesterday’s vlog (yeah, video!) you are aware that I attended the MomsMeet WOW Summit. It was a blogging and green-moms brand conference. There were brands from all over the country sharing their green/organic/healthy products for families. Awesome for the crunchy-heavy and crunchy-lite alike.
Day 1:
This portion of the conference was invaluable to me. I was able to attend several workshops that really hit home on various points I’ve been struggling to master. (Warning: things are about to get a whole-lot-better ’round here.)
We heard from blogging professionals (can you be a blogging professional? I guess so) who were happy to share their tips and answer questions. Personally, I felt uplifted, appreciated and glad that I made the choice to attend the conference. The organizers set up a speed-networking portion of the day where small groups of bloggers, 2-3 of us, spent time with each brand at the conference simply talking about our blogs and how we could use our audience and their products to reach higher. A very empowering session. We didn’t make it through the whole thing (7:30 + hungry Little Bear = early dismissal) but I did get to stop by and briefly chat with all of the brands I was interested in seeing.
Takeaway 1: Don’t be afraid to chat about your craft, if you have the opportunity to share, do it. If you don’t someone will jump right over you and take the opportunity. Learned this one quickly- I was being polite and allowed someone else to go first to which they took the entire allotted time and I was left standing without a space to speak. Not again, Ma’am.
Takeaway 2: You don’t have to go to something if it’s not going to be beneficial to you. They’re not taking attendance. I like to be on time. Go figure. Yet, when your sidekick is only 4-months-old she takes precedence. We were able to juggle our schedule to allow for her hungry and nap times and I didn’t feel too bad if we had to miss something because she was still snoozing. 20161007_143035
Day 1 was fabulous. If I could have attended more blogging workshops on day 2, I would have.

Day 2:
Green Moms
This day held less of my interest as I was focused on the blogging portion of the events. I have to say I had a great amount of time to talk to the brands and hear more about their partnerships with bloggers and their missions. Most were very positive and concise goals that stemmed from a need to feel, eat or be better in their industry. We were blessed with a huge bag of goodies at the end of the conference that included full-size samples of almost every brand at the conference. #VitaminsForDays20161008_180056
They also offered workshops on other topics related to organic/natural/green lifestyle choices. I was looking forward to attending one one from a makeup artist but when I arrived, it was all about a vitamin line. Bummer. Regardless, she was entertaining, positive and I enjoyed listening to her.
Takeaway 3: Read the workshop descriptions carefully. Otherwise, you may end up in a workshop discussing something you had no intention of pursuing.
Takeaway 4: Be nice, make friends with the conference staff. The women from MomsMeet who were hosting the event were uber approachable, helpful and happy for the duration of the conference. The type of people you could ask a question of, then spend 10 more minutes simply chatting. If all conference organizers are like that, I’d be a serial conference-goer.
My last takeaway, sadly, is something I learned not to do.
Takeaway 5: If you are a workshop presenter, do not speak badly of conference goers while you’re still at the conference. This should be second nature, right? All conference-goers received bags upon check-in to carry all of our samples, goodies, etc. Bright blue, durable bags. As I had a kiddo with me, I didn’t carry my telltale bag which is probably why this speaker felt they were safe in speaking about the attendees. As I passed she was chatting with her colleague about how annoying the questions were and how people were talking her leg off (yes, she said leg) and how they just couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Now, was I eavesdropping, goodness I hope not. I was on one escalator, they were on another, across the way, and speaking loud enough that I could hear them clearly. It goes to show, if you don’t have anything nice to say, at least wait until you’re in the car to say it… That serves as a great reminder for what we put online. I’m of the idea that if you write it, you could regret it. So, if you’re not willing to have it come back to be questioned, keep it in your diary.
collage-2016-10-08-14_09_06Takeaway 6: The biggest takeaway was the message of “You Are Enough.” One that was shared throughout the weekend. It was supported by the premise that there is no ‘just’ in being a Mom. I’m not just a Mom. I’m a Mom, and that’s enough.

I can’t wait to use my newfound knowledge to bump up the blog! I’m happy you’re here  to follow along!

Be Great,

11 thoughts on “WOW Moms

  1. That sounds like such an awesome conference to be a part of! I’m definitely somewhat on the crunchy side and a big fan of green living and it’s great that there were so many green/healthy products there! Looks like you took away a lot from it as a blogger too! :]

  2. I hear you on the trying to be too polite thing! I feel like talking about myself makes me seem snobby but then sometimes people don’t even know what I do! Sounds like you had a great time.

  3. The MomsMeet WOW Summit sounds amazing and it must have been a wonderful experience for you. Blogging conferences are fun as you get to meet different bloggers & people and learn more about it.

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