“Wrap” Music

What kind of music do elves like best?
“Wrap” music!

I know you’ve heard of the elf-on-the-shelf and his funny, often mischievous antics.
I’m going to tell you a secret. He’s not the first elf of this sort!

You see, elves during Christmas time are what I understand to be a very old tradition dating back to a Louisa May Allcott writing in 1850. Not the 2004 rendition many will have you believe.

When I was a child, and quite possibly when my mother was a child as well, our elves would magically appear on the mantle the evening of Thanksgiving in order to help Santa to keep tabs on our behavior and antics. Now I say elves because our elves came in a group. 2 big elves and 4 little elves. Currently, at our house, we have 3 elves- soon to be 4.

Rules of Elf-Visitation: 
1: Do not touch the elves. They lose their magic if touched by a human and will not move about the house.
2: Make sure you find them each day as they move about the house to gain better viewing/listening locations.
3: Sometimes the elves return to Santa to give a report. Be wary when this happens unless you know you’ve done something super awesome. Usually not the case.
4: Elves will not make their way into bedrooms/bathrooms. That’s just weird.
5: Our elves are not mischievous as they have an important job to do and it is not making more work for mom and dad.
6: The elves will move to the Christmas tree for Christmas morning to watch and enjoy as the family celebrates.
7: At some point after Christmas they will return to Santa to be seen next year.

A fun, elf story.
My sister was a very curious and inquisitive child. This is best described in her antics one day surrounding the trip of a small elf.
She must have been no older than 4 or 6 and wanted a bit more action out of the elves. Being resourceful, she located a broom and proceeded to launch a small elf off of the mantle, across the room and onto the floor. I was devastated, she was devastated, we were sure that Santa would definitely not be making an appearance that year. Not only did one of his elves get launched but then mom or dad had to touch him to put him back up. Oh, the elf-manity! That elf did not move from his perch all. week. long.
I think we learned the ‘do not touch’ lesson that year. I’d also bet that we were really well behaved after that.

Bubba doesn’t quite understand the magic of the elves yet. I’m hoping to continue this tradition for years to come as it is one that I look back on, fondly.
Do you have an elf? Does he do funny things?

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