The Yites!

img_20161202_192720Lights, lights as far as the eye can see.

I am going to apologize in advance, it seems that this month will be full of holiday cheer, traditions, and merry-like-fun. If you’re not into that, see you in January.

The one really good thing about it getting dark here in the middle of the afternoon is that we are able to go and see Christmas lights earlier in the evening. Also, with Hubs’ new job he’s able to get out earlier than before and, in theory, be home before the sun sets.

Last year we went to a walk-through light display. Bubba did not want to stay in the stroller and instead wanted to stroll through the displays right past the ‘do not walk on grass’ signs. Good thing he can’t read.

img_20161202_192731_1This year, we changed it up a bit as it was chilly and Little Bear is too small to be in the cold for too long. We went to a drive-through light park!
After Hubs’ work day- we got the kids ready, loaded them in the car and picked up Nona & Papa and headed for the light park.

Once we arrived, it being a prime night during the week, we expected loads of traffic but didn’t find any cars to slow us down until halfway through the exhibit. We moved Bubba to the front with Papa & Daddy and he had a fantastic time. When we told him where we were going he requested to see ‘bwue yites pwease’ and blue lights, we saw.
By far, his favorite part of the display were the ‘wobots’ also known as robots.
Robots at a Christmas light display? You say… Why yes. If you are 2.5 and your definition of a robot looks suspiciously like a toy soldier then yes, wobots there were.
Each time he saw one he would say “beeee bo, beeee bo.” Which is clearly the sound that a robot makes. He cracks me up.

img_20161202_193058After the light display, we stopped by Santa’s Carnival and peeked in on the big man, himself. Bubba gave a slight wave and a whispered ‘Merry Christmas’ before picking out some fun things that Nona & Papa allowed him to take home with him.

Overall a great, but late, evening!

More merriment ahead, I’m sure!

Be Great,

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