You Wuv Me?

Little ones are naturally egocentric. It’s a proven fact and, frankly, they should be. It isn’t their job to worry about others and what others think of them early on. Heck, they’re just trying to figure out how to follow directions themselves and the best way to keep from getting peanut butter on the couch. Imagine adding do they like me to that mix!

Yet, at some point, they begin to realize that they are a part of the world around them and they come by it quite naturally and in an adorable way.
Bubba is getting to that point.
He is really fortunate to be surrounded by not only his parents and sister but both sets of grandparents and his great grandparents. He’s surrounded by people who tell him that they love him and that they are proud of him. As he now understands the concept of ‘parents’ and a ‘family’ at least on a basic level he is starting to ask questions.
His two most favorite: “Do they love me?” and “Are you my fwend?”
Here are a few examples:

He’s asked his grandparents “Daddo, You my fwend?” “Oma, you my fwend?”
Of course, we are!
“Okay, I wuv you too.”

One day while we were around the house Elena of Avalor came on the Disney Channel (if you haven’t seen Elana, it’s adorable). Little Bear gets a kick out of Elena so we do pause to watch when it comes on. Bubba noticed it was on and said “Mommy, Wena Wuv Me?”
Umm, who?
“E-Wena! Do Wena Wuv Me?”
I would suppose so. Sure, Elena loves you. (How do you tell a kid no?)
“Why Wena wuv me?”
Well… Elena loves you because you are a sweet and smart boy who makes good choices.
“Okay Mommy.”
I had to chuckle. This kid.

Then again a few days later.
“Mommy, my hair a mess. I need haircut. I need see Toriana.”
Oh, do you? We can get you a haircut.
“Mommy. I wuv Toriana. She in my family. I wuv her.”
That’s really sweet buddy. But she’s not your family. She can be your friend, and yes, she’s very nice.
Again, this kid.
For the record, “Toriana” is actually Victoriana, the only woman who has been able to successfully cut Bubba’s hair without him sobbing through the whole ordeal. For that, if she wants, she can be family.

I’m sure he’ll continue to ask family, friends and mere acquaintances to profess their love for him.
At some point, we’ll have to explain that not everyone he meets will love him, but we’ll let him hold on to those feelings of acceptance for a while longer.
Ahh to be a child and love, like a child.

Be Great,

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